Load Cell Suppliers in Chandigarh

Sensomatic is an Indian based manufacturer and supplier of load cells. Currently, one of the most widely known load cell suppliers in Chandigarh, we have branches in all the metropolises and big cities across the country.

Our Product Line

As one of the ace load cell suppliers in Chandigarh, we bring to you a fairly extensive line of supplies in load cells and sensors. Our inventory has every variety of load cells known to be used in industries. Here are the kinds of load cells you will see on our product catalogue:

What Makes Sensomatic a Trusted Supplier?

  • Our products are all industry-standard and that makes us one of the favored load cell dealers Chandigarh.
  • We put our products through rigorous testing before sending them out to our customers. So, with us, you will hardly ever buy a faulty equipment.
  • We have standardized packaging for all small and bulk orders.
  • What made us one of sought-after load cell dealers Chandigarh is our timely approach. We don’t like to keep our clients waiting any more than they absolutely have to for their consignments to reach them. Wish the help of ace logistic partners, we are able to ensure prompt delivery for both onshore and offshore locations.
  • We are a load cells exporter India delivering our products to foreign locations, and so even if you are set up outside India, you can buy our products.
  • Our products are all warranty-protected and can be returned for a replacement or repair if something happens to them within the designated timeframe.

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