Choosing the Right Load Cell for your Applications

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Choosing the Right Load Cell for your Applications

Choosing the Right Load Cell for your Applications

Current trend there are variety of load cells manufactured by different load cell manufacturers in India. They are designs load cells at different shapes and sizes for various applications. However the load cells are also called as sensor that is used to convert the loads in to measurable electrical output. There are so many common techniques load cells are available such as strain gauge load cell, it vary the output power based on the changes will happen in force or compression or load.

Not possible to measure the output voltage without load cell indicator. This load cell meter simply connects to the load cell and transforms the output voltage in to measurable unit with numerical number.  Load Cell manufacturers offering different load cell like compression load cell, elevator overload sensor, double ended load cell, S type load cell, digital load cell and etc.

S Type Load Cell

Basically S Type load cell is very flexibility use at any place. S type load cell is used to measure both the tension and compression type loads. This load cell has more variety of ranges capacities and it is capable to use to heavy weight measurement applications also.

Z Type Load Cell

Z type load cell is very strongest one compare to other load cell. This load cell is designed with strongest material and it also has more capacity to balance the loads. It is very flexible to use for where the high end load need to measure and have to build with overload stop.

SGMT Load Cell

The load cells called SGMT/SGMC is specially manufactured for overhead weight and load measurement and builds for where the high volume of loads needs to be measured. This is clear from its high-review stainless steel body, 500 percent least high-burden security element and full evaluated pound and kilogram limits.

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