Load Cell Manufacturers in Pune

Sensomatic, one of the top sellers in Pune is engaged in the manufacture and supply of load cells across India and outside. An Indian company with Indigenous Technology that has its base in Pune, Sensomatic rises to the position of a popular load cell supplier in Pune Maharashtra with its bounty of transducers and similar supplies that facilitate industrial and small-scale operations.

Our Product Line

Sensomatic is the only load cell manufacturers in Pune, having a diverse catalogue. Our list of products primarily include the following types of load cells.

Beyond the mentioned few, we also make high speed load cells, button type load cells, shear pin load cells, axle sensors, deflector sensors and more.

What Makes Sensomatic a League of Its Own

As, one of the prime load cell dealers Pune Maharashtra, there are many reasons to which we owe our successful status. One of the key things that has given our company the maximum impulse is our determination to keep the quality improving with time. Other aspects that have added to growing success are:

  • All our load cells are equipped to perform within a wide temperature range.
  • Our load cells are designed to have variable capacities that make them fitting to different operations.
  • As a premier supplier, we make load cells that have application in different industries.
  • Our load cells are all very competitively priced to suit the affordability of all kinds of buyers.
  • We attach a warranty protection with all our products to make sure that your investment in them is secured for the first few months.

Sensomatic is also a prominent load cells exporter India supplying its home-built transducers to nations outside India.

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