Load Cells and Force Sensors

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Load Cells and Force Sensors

Load Cells and Force Sensors

What is Load Cell?

A load cell is also referred as a ‘weigh’ or ‘weight’ or force load cell. Generally it is named as transducer which is used to convert the loads or forces or weights into measurable electrical output. The output of this conversion is related to the force we applied on the application. Load Cell manufacturers in India providing variety of load cells based on the application and usage.

The conversion process is completed with the help of using strain gauges, which is connected inside the load cells. The load cell manufacturers manufactured these load cells with various sizes in the case of weight.

Strain gauge load cells are used in three classifications of Weigh Bridge. Four strain gauge load cell for full bridge. Two strain gauge load cell is used for half bridge and one gauge load cell is for Quarter Bridge. The precision monitor’s can be used to complete the bridges half and quarter.

Other resistors are connected inside the bridge which is used to manage the effects of high temperature on the level of zero or non load signal.

The full Wheatstone bridge need a constant Direct Current supply to stimulate the circuit. These bridges need the power supply 5 Volt or 10 volt dc.

Load cells are classifieds and manufactured in different types, sizes and types of output based on the signal generated. Some of the load cells are pneumatic load cell, hydraulic load cell. Otherwise it is classified as how those identify the loads and weights, for example shear beam load cell, compression load cell, tension load cell, S type load cell and digital load cell.

Foil gauges are offering the number variety of load cells and which are used regularly. Strain gauge load cells are used to measure the loads with compression, tension and shear forces.

From the smaller range to higher range the semiconductor strain load cells are available. Yet, offer the benefits of being littler and give expansive gage elements, bringing about much bigger yields for a similar given anxiety. Because of these properties, they have a tendency to be utilized for smaller than expected load cell designs.

Application of Load Cell

The ideal application of load cell is monitoring the weights, weighing of silos, vessels and measures the weight of tanks, conveyors, R and D Testing, quality control and industry weighing measurement and many purposes. And also load cells are used in marine sectors to waterproof and sea water load cell.

Other kind of load cells are specially designed with custom designed cells, aluminum and stainless steel, robust outdoor, multi axis versions or submersible load cell designs.

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