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Different Types of Load Cell


Load Cells Types and its application


Compression Load Cell

Compression load cell is one of the transducers that widely used in industrial weight measuring purpose. It is very flexible to use and it is designed with stainless steel. It is available in from the 50 kg to 5000kg. Generally a most common compression load cell has more facility with threaded ends. With threaded ends it is very easy to fix at any time. The application of compression load cell is material testing, force calibration and measuring factories level compression loads. The impressive compression load cell features are

Especially it has mounted design for vessel weighing applications.

It provides accurate results on low weight measuring application.


S Type Load Cell

S Type load cell is another model of load cell transducers. The reason for this name of this load cell is, it has shape like S. So it called S Type Load Cell. This load cell is also very flexible like compare to compression load cell to measure either tension or compression. It is available to measure the load from the level of 50 kg to 20k. The application is applied for myriad of application and used to test tensile in 20 tons cranes.


Double Ended Load Cell

The load cell double ended load cell is specially designed for multipurpose load measuring applications such as medium weight to high capacity weight measurement. This load cells are mainly used in bin, silo and hooper. Generally this double ended shear beam load cell is made by nickel plated high alloy and it is totally protect from damaging by water. This is also made in stainless steel. Double ended load cell weight measuring capacity is 5k to 150k LBS.


Digital Load Cell

We’ve consolidated our know how in analog signal processing with the most recent advanced digital technologies to offer an elite digital load cell for a few applications:

Digital load cell devoted to multipurpose weighing and filling or dosing applications

Digital load cell devoted to weighbridge applications

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