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different classification of Load Cells

Various types of Load Cell

Generally the load cell is also called as a transducer which is used to convert the force and loads into electrical signals. Different kind of load cells manufactured by load cell manufacturers in India, which is available depends on the application you were using. Here we go to see about some of the basic load cells.

Different Classification of Load Cell

Compression Load Cell

Generally the compression load cell is manufactured with stainless steel, which will make the load cell to use in any hard environment. This load cell is very perfect and suitable to measure the loads and compression in truck and railway. Compression load cell is also suggested to use at where the compression applied like tank and tall tower weighing purpose. Oil and Gas industries also use this load cell in their industry to balancing the loads and compression.

The impressive artifact about this load cell, it is very convenient and perfect to use in all the above industries effectively. Compression Load Cell is available in the different sizes and length; you are responsible to choose the right one for your purpose.

Single ended Shear Beam Load Cell

Single ended shear beam load cell is basically manufactured where the highest level accuracy of the output is needed like retail industry, heavy weight industry, and medical weight measuring devices, wrapped machines and etc. Shear beam load cells are specially designed to measure the high accuracy result while applying unusual loads also. That means the unusual loads cannot affect the result of the output.

Already you knew that, different classification of load cells is made with stainless steel to use in heavy weight measuring application. But those are with highly sealed.

But these are manufactured with aluminum with special stickiness prevent coating. Shear beam load cell is also available in the various sizes with connectors and safety endorsement levels.

Tension load Cell

Tension load cell is intended to use for the purpose of elevating, lifting and basic weight measurement application. These load cells are designed with attached compounds. You need to make sure that compounds are used extremely strong, which the load cell is made along with laser welded sealing.

Planar Beam Load Cell

This load cell is very perfect to use who all are using utensils with minimum weight. The applications were we use this with retails, medical instruments and where the less amount weight is applied. This is also available in the variable loads and sizes.

As above mentioned load cells are basic loads that are used to balancing the force and compression. We are one of the leading load cell manufacturers and load cell suppliers in India offering compression load cell, digital load cell, s type load cell, shear beam load cell, and elevator overload sensor.

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