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Designs of Load Cell for Various Applications


Different Designs of Load Cell

Compression Load Cell

Compression load cell frequently contain basic switch design. This is specially design and has unique features compare to other types of load cell. Yes, compression load cell is also used in where the space is very less and provides log-term permanence.

Tension Load Cell

Items particular to this gathering incorporate “S” and “Z” pillars, lift joins, canister strain cells, elastic connections, submersible canister sorts, non-contact pressure estimation, brace on and flip models.

Tension/Compression Load Cell

Compression/tension load cells can be used for applications where the load can go from tension to compression and vice versa. They are ideal for space-restricted environments.  Threaded ends facilitate easy installation.

Shear Beam Load Cell

Shear beam load cell in order to increase the shear effect, the load cell called strain gauges connected to the condensed division cross section of the beam. Here the strain gauge load cell connected at the point of 45 degree to beam to evaluate the strains in shear beam. It is used to measure the weight of medium to high range of weights.  And it has high quality output and it is not danger to irrelevant loads happened in side of the beam.

S Type Load Cell

Do you why it is called S Type load cell? Because it has a shape like a S. This is very simple in design with shape S or Z. In this S type load cell the strain gauge load cells are connected with central part in the form of Wheatstone bridge. Generally S type load cell provide accurate results while the load in tension or compression. Its output result is not affected by any of side loads. The applications where the S Type load cell is used in tanks, hoppers and truck weight measuring instruments.

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